The visibility of the social networks of our business is very important, therefore, having them always visible in the navigation of our virtual store is a great option, thus avoiding the visitor having to search for them in the content of our website.

Does Prestashop allow you to configure links to social networks?

That's right, Prestashop already has a module to add links to the business's social networks, this module is called "Follow-up links through social networks" (ps_socialfollow), but these icons are only shown in the footer of the page or in the header according to the theme used in the store.

Does Prestashop allow adding an icon to send messages by WhatsApp?

Unfortunately no, Prestashop has not included an option so far to add the dynamic link of the WhatsApp API to send messages, this process or functionality must be added through the Prestashop code as a custom modification or a module with such a function.

Is there a module that helps me show the social networks and WhatsApp link?

If you were looking for a module that shows your social networks always visible (sticky) in your Prestashop virtual store and that, additionally allows you to show the WhatsApp link, you have reached the indicated page. At the request of one of our clients (Agro Méndez) we have made a small but interesting modification to the module "Tracking links through social networks" (ps_socialfollow) of PrestaShop to show the icons of social networks configured, floating in the left side of the virtual store, adding some design improvements.

We have also added some extra fields to configure up to three (3) WhatsApp numbers with their respective name (For example: Sales, Logistics, Administration, as desired). When configuring one or more WhatsApp numbers, a floating widget is added in the virtual store indicating that there is a WhatsApp chat available, this widget can be expanded or hidden from the list of configured WhatsApp numbers, making it very dynamic and friendly.

This module is totally FREE and you can download it from this link, or by consulting the "Related Products" section of this article. If you download and use it, leave us your comments to know how you think about our modification to the module.

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